Three graphs that show a global slowdown in COVID-19

This article is republished from The Conversation – first published April 7th 2020

The NHS has been run on the goodwill of its staff for too long

“But once this is done, there must be complete transparency about how the NHS came to be left in this exposed position, how social care had been stripped away, and how those in power will be held accountable.”

An armchair alternative to A-Level geography

A message for A-Level geographers: Suddenly you have time on your hands. You would have been spending these weeks and months memorising facts for regurgitating.

The world was already slowing down long before lockdown

We need to quickly accept that this is an era of slowdown, not fast-paced change.

Coronavirus is a tragedy – but it could be the wake-up call we need: the economy has been forced to slow down

For some time this pandemic will focus almost all of our attention. It is a tragedy that will play out differently

Things Fall Apart: the British Health Crisis 2010–2020

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

Coronavirus: how the current number of people dying in the UK compares to the past decade

by Danny Dorling, University of Oxford The speed of the global spread of coronavirus is staggering.

Labour’s Defeat and the Health Crisis in early 2020

Hensher contrasts the abuse Corbyn received while attempting to become Prime Minster with that Margaret Thatcher received when in office

Tackling the housing crisis

Polly Neate is right that “social housing and homes for first-time buyers don’t have to be either/or”.

Rabbit homes, peak inequality and mortality in the UK: 2015-2020

So much goes wrong when a state is at peak inequality. We convert offices into rabbit hutches for people to live in and their life expectancy also falls.

The 2019 general election and the geography and demography of Brexit

Danny Dorling demolishes myths about the Brexit Referendum result of 2016 and the General Election result of 2019. The old, and predominantly the middle class of southern England, achieved victory in both.

Who dies young in a rich city? – The Homeless

This Christmas and New Year 2020 have been mercifully warm in Oxford, with the temperature staying at (or above) two degrees at night – so far.

Slowdown: Whose freedom? a talk at Vienna Secession

A short talk on what the future may bring given the spatial dimension of the distribution of property and resources, followed by a debate with Gabu Heindl, the Vienna-based architect and planner.

What’s So Funny About Brexit? (and other subjects)

Danny Dorling talking about ‘What’s So Funny About Brexit? on the Treehouse stage, Greenbelt Festival,

We need MORE babies, not fewer, Harry!

Many thousands of words have been written on the subject of Prince Harry’s announcement in Vogue last week that, when it comes to children, he intends to have ‘Two, maximum!’