Afterword: ‘I spoke to a lady from Godalming…’

In March 2024, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, said:

Most People Don’t Enjoy the Theatre of Cruelty

Britain is a deeply divided nation but a majority of the public, apart from the very richest, hold views that can be interpreted as compassionate towards those struggling in society

Elections – theatres of fears or circuses of hope?

July 4th 2024, roll up, roll up, don’t miss out! You could stay at home, but you will miss out!

Review of The Road to Freedom: Economics and the Good Society by Joseph E. Stiglitz and published by Allen Lane

In The Road to Freedom, Joseph Stiglitz considers the relationship between capitalism and freedom, evaluating democracy, economics and what constitutes a good society.

Visualising the 2020s UK cost-of-living crisis

This article is unusual in that it provides a graphical summary of various aspects of the longer-term crisis that appeared to cumulate in 2022 through to at least early 2024

Contrasting Child Poverty in Finland and England in 2024

On 21 March 2024 the latest official poverty statistics for the UK were released.

The Nordic Model of Capitalism

Five countries are normally included in the Nordic grouping. At first (statistical) glance they can appear very similar.

Inequality in the UK in terms of family incomes – implications for the cost of living crisis

Thank you so much for the invitation to speak. You might have thought that what I am here to speak about is going to be quite depressing, but I am going to try and make it less so.

From the cradle to the grave: The abandonment of our social contract

The Sun newspaper broke the story of two-year-old Bronson Battersby in January. He was found starved to death curled up next to his father Kenneth.

Fertility rates are falling in the rich world; but there are still plenty of people to go round

“It’s funny, but it’s dark, because we know we could be causing our own extinction.”

The rise and fall of Britain’s Golden Cohort: how the remarkable generation of 1925–1934 had their lives cut short by austerity

A research article written by Lucinda Hiam and Danny Dorling, and published in the Review of Social Economy, online, on 29 Feb 2024.

The sun on the meadow

‘…by changing our country…and building a better future for our children and grandchildren. … A future where they feel optimism, hope, and pride. …

Full Marx for Trying: degrowth is possible – but not this way

In ‘Slow Down’, Kohei Saito insists that only ‘degrowth communism’ can save us from climate disaster – but his argument fails to convince.

Influenza: cause or excuse? An analysis of flu’s influence on worsening mortality trends in England and Wales, 2010–19

Lu Hiam, Martin McKee, and Danny Dorling, writing in the British Medical Bulletin, 15 January 2024, All social groups in England and Wales experienced a long period of increasing life expectancy until the second decade of the 21st century,