Danny Dorling

Professor of Human Geography at the University of Oxford

Welcome! This is a website for people who are interested in the works by Danny Dorling, Professor of Human Geography at the University of Oxford.

It provides on-line material for most of his books, multimedia & data files and gives access to many of his publications. It shows what is new and provides a repository of what is old. If you are searching for something specific, please use the search option below.


Here you find a compilation of some of Danny’s work since January 2015, such as audio/video recordings and writings in print or online media. If you want to find out more about future events with Danny, please go to the Talks & Events page. Academic publications are archived in the Publications section. More multimedia material is assembled in the Collections section.

Full Marx for Trying: degrowth is possible – but not this way

In ‘Slow Down’, Kohei Saito insists that only ‘degrowth communism’ can save us from climate disaster – but his argument fails to convince.

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Influenza: cause or excuse? An analysis of flu’s influence on worsening mortality trends in England and Wales, 2010–19

Lu Hiam, Martin McKee, and Danny Dorling, writing in the British Medical Bulletin, 15 January 2024, All social groups in England and Wales experienced a long period of increasing life[…]

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Is Inequality Inevitable? The ‘Northern European Model’ Suggests Not

The Nordic model of capitalism has garnered substantial attention for its approach to economic and social organisation.

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Some of Danny’s other professional engagements

UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Human Development Report reviewer
Public Health England (PHE) Mortality Surveillance Steering Group
Judge for data visualisation competition – The Nuffield Trust, the British Medical Journal, the British Medical Association and NHS Digital.
Adjunct Professor in the Department of Geography, University of Canterbury, NZ

What other people say

Is this the worst book written about Brexit?

Jim Butcher

Writing about Rule Britannia; Brexit and the End of Empire

He is that rare university professor: expert, politically engaged and able to explain simply why his subject matters

The Guardian

Editorial Fri 30 Apr 2010

Professor Danny Dorling has a knack for making statistics sexy.

Martin Wainwright

Former northern editor of the Guardian