Public spending in the UK, and elsewhere in Europe, 1980-2026

For many years the UK, and almost all other states in the world, have been reporting both the amount they spend on public services, and what they expect to spend in future,

Grim fall in life expectancy exposes UK government’s ‘levelling up’ lies

For a few hours on Wednesday 30 June 2021, a report released by University College London’s Institute of Health Equity hit the headlines.

Happiness is a place between too little and too much

School meals are never termed “free” in Finland; they are simply called “lunch”.

The Income Shock of 2020

The pandemic had an almost immediate and massive detrimental economic effect on the lives of the already worst-off in the UK,

The City of Oxford and the Pandemic of 2020/21

Within the boundaries of the city of Oxford, for all of 2020, only 95 deaths were registered with COVID-19 being mentioned on the death certificate.

Census 2021 will reveal how a year of lockdowns and furlough has transformed the UK

Census 2021 will reveal how a year of lockdowns and furlough has transformed the UK

If Boris Johnson is serious about levelling up, he would plan for a 2026 census now

An extra population survey, on top of next week’s, would provide information the country really needs.

Why has the UK’s COVID death toll been so high? Inequality may have played a role

The first death to be publicly attributed to coronavirus in the UK was of a woman in her seventies on March 5 2020.

Who should be vaccinated before others?

In late January 2021, when I wrote these words, a debate was raging

Finntopia: A Long Read

Finland is rarely mentioned as an example by leftists and Greens who want to build a better future.

Foreword to: S. Cohen et al. (Eds) Europe’s top 10% and income inequality,

There are times when it appears to be that almost everything is changing. Now might well be one of those times.

Houses not homelessness

I wrote this chapter because homeless in my home city of Oxford had become not just a local crisis, worse than it had ever been, but also part of the national scandal.

Employment: in Brexit and Beyond

Where have we come from? Unemployment has not always been with us. In fact, the term was hardly used at all before 1900,

Please sir, can I have more?

On the 25th of November 2020 the Chancellor of the Exchequer decided that, in the public sector, there would be no increase at all for many and a real-terms pay-cut for millions more in 2021.

Should you visit your family this Christmas? Three experts weigh in

For the third of society who live within a few miles of their parents, not seeing relatives at Christmas will make little sense if you see them most weeks anyway.