Falling down the global ranks: Life expectancy in the UK 1950-2021

New global ranking for life expectancy shows decades-long UK decline.

The Oxford Bus Gates and Open Minds

You may have become aware of a little controversy surrounding a few small changes concerning how car traffic is routed through the city of Oxford.

A brief lull in the fighting?

On 1st of February 2023 half a million public sectors workers took part in strikes. These were the largest strikes in more than a decade.

What did the elections of 1922 and 2017 have in common?

You probably don’t know about the 1922 general election. It was the ‘breakthrough election’.

About Our Schools: Foreword

We often don’t truly value something until we have lost it.

How austerity caused the NHS crisis

When the coalition government first introduced its landmark Health and Social Care Act

Who is being hurt the most?

Three different think tanks produced three contrasting analyses of the effects of the Chancellor’s autumn statement of November 17th 2022

Don’t panic about the birth of Baby 8 Billion. Before he’s 65 our numbers will be in reverse

We should not be alarmed at the rise in global population; it’s inequality, greed and waste that are the real problems of our age.

A return to austerity is not inevitable, it is a political choice

With the autumn budget announced today (17/11/2022) and the Conservative government once again signalling a return to austerity, it is timely to be reminded of two key points.

A Tale of Three Elections

On September 5th 2022 Liz Truss was elected as Prime Minster winning 81,326 votes

Austerity led to twice as many excess UK deaths as previously thought – here’s what that means for future cuts

More people died from the austerity in the five years before the pandemic than have died from COVID since.

Let them eat growth?

Politics is about people, about our different views and our understandings about people

The “mini-budget” will make the UK the most unequal country in Europe

Growing inequality in the UK has implications for health.

A Letter from Helsinki

I arrived in Helsinki in early summer 2022 to attend Europe’s largest conference on

A Review of Branko Milanovic’s Capitalism and Global Income Inequality

Branko Milanovic’s Capitalism, Alone: The Future of the System That Rules the World begins, provocatively