So what do we know now about Covid-19 in the UK?

It need not have arrived first in Europe in Italy. The disease could have arrived elsewhere on this continent first, and it could have arrived much earlier than it did.

The Geography of Slowdown: The End of The Great Acceleration – Keynote Address

Great economic inequalities will be hard to sustain during and following slowdown.

Rule Britannia: from Empire to Brexit to Covid-19

It’s a pity that in early 2020 the Conservative party and its leader were not more alert. Greek scholar Boris Johnson should have known that hubris – excessive pride and boasting – annoys the Gods

Slowing Down: Better Policies for Better Lives

The human world is slowing down and has been for some time. It has been slowing in many ways, and this can be seen most easily in OECD (mostly richer) countries.

Hitting the population brakes

Popular wisdom has it that everything is speeding up, including population growth.

Why coronavirus death rates won’t fall as quickly as they rose

Coronavirus deaths shocked us with how rapidly they rose from a base of none at the start of the year, to many thousands within the space of mere weeks.

Rule Britannia: Looking back at getting Brexit done

Ahead of the publication of Rule Britannia in paperback, authors Danny Dorling and Sally Tomlinson take a look back the past two years of electoral chaos and what that might mean for Britain going forward.

The Pace of Change

Did you think that the rate of innovation was rising and that more and more was being invented every year?

The illusion of speed and growth in our society

Danny Dorling, and Sofie Furu discussing the Book Slowdown and the illusion of speed and growth in our society, an on-line talk held with SoCentral – nordisk inkubator for samfunnsinnovasjon, Oslo, Norway, May 20th 2020.

Put your foot on the brake

The rate of population growth is slowing – and it’s time for human activity to relax too. It’ll do our species so much good, says Danny Dorling.

Uniting Behind A People’s Vaccine Against COVID-19

As reported in the Financial Times; Le Monde; News Week Españo and many others, an open letter: Uniting Behind A People’s Vaccine Against COVID-19, May 14th 2020 signed by Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, Imran Khan, Cyril Ramaphosa and many others, organised by Oxfam:

It’s Captain Tom’s birthday: the past 100 years should teach us a powerful lesson

Over the NHS fundraiser’s lifetime, inequality has dropped but shot back up again. After this crisis we must keep it down.

How quickly might we forget the lessons of Covid-19?

My father still remembers the H3N2 influenza pandemic of 1968 when over a million people died worldwide.

Decarbonising economies is like denuclearising weaponry—essential for survival

Humanity has been here before, facing what appeared to be an imminent end (figure). The rise in nuclear weapons was rapid, from the first two used on Aug 6 and Aug 9, 1945, through to 10,000 held by 1960, almost 40,000 in 1970, and peaking at over 60,000 in the mid-1980s. At the time, it…
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Three charts that show where the coronavirus death rate is heading

On April 7, The Conversation published three graphs showing the rise of deaths from COVID-19 in seven countries. This is an update 20 days later.