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Why is Britain shattered? How did it become so divided – and how can we fix it? Danny Dorling talks about his book, Shattered Nation: Inequality & the Geography of a Failing State. A film made by Voices Media in September 2023.

Danny Dorling’s “Shattered Nation: Inequality and the Geography of a Failing State” was published by Verso Books on the 19th of September 2023. This short film about it was made by Kirsten McClure.

What needs to be done to stop Britain becoming a failed state and is Scotland providing some answers? a lecture by Danny Dorling, chaired by Assa Samaké-Roman, organised by the David Hume Institute, Edinburgh, 23 August 2023.

Fear and education: Inequality and the mask of school segregation in England, a talk by Danny Dorling, 7 July 2023 Festival of Education, Wellington College, Home Counties, England.

An animation created by Kirsten McClure based on the book ‘The Equality Effect’ written by Danny Dorling. The animation is of a summary of the book, narrated by Danny in February 2023.

A short video produced by New Statesman Magazine: “UK housing market crash is “the end of the PONZI SCHEME” on economics in the UK in 2023, narrated by Will Dunn with comments by Danny Dorling, released on 3 February 2023.

An animation created by Kirsten McClure based on the book ‘Do We Need Economic Inequality? written by Danny Dorling. The animation is of a summary of the book narrated by Danny in December 2022.

An animation created by Kirsten McClure based on the book – Inequality and the 1% – written by Danny Dorling and with the animation narrated by him, using the latest statistics available in April 2022.

An animation created by Kirsten McClure of who produced the graphics for the book ‘Slowdown’ by Danny Dorling. The animation is of a summary of the book narrated by Danny in April 2021.

Finntopia 2021 – video, music and animation by Kirtsen McClure based on the book “Finntopia: what can we learn from the world’s happiest country’ written by Danny Dorling and Annika Koljonen.

A 2021 animation by Kirsten McClure based on talks about the book “Rule Britannia” given by its authors Danny Dorling and Sally Tomlinson

Danny Dorling and Andy Stirling talking with Sarah Nelson and Argyris Zardilis of the Cambridge University Science and Policy Exchange on “Science for Greater Equality from Policy” – by Zoom on November 17th 2020.

Danny Dorling and John Mair talking about Jericho, in Oxford, during lockdown – June 3rd 2020.

Why are more people dying of Covid-19 in poorer areas of the UK? Danny Dorling, BBC News, 1 May 2020. On the day that ONS revealed higher mortality rates form Covid-19 in poorer areas of the UK the question was: why?

Danny Dorling: The scales of narrative, Rhodes Humanities Forum 2019, Rhodes House, Oxford, November 16th, 2019.
The first form of duplication was storytelling. No one can know how long it took, after language developed, before the tradition began, but it is through the telling of stories that we still mostly learn and pass on information. You are reading a story now; one I have constructed only from hearing, seeing and reading other stories. The ‘Slowdown’ book my talk at the forum is based on is a small attempt to refashion one particular and in many ways rather familiar tale, namely the account of how fast the human world is changing. The story was the first form of data, transmitted inefficiently, always evolving, and spreading – duplicating and growing – when many people heard it being told and a few embellished it. Back then, and in many places until very recently, a story was lost unless at least one of those who heard it both remembered it and passed it on.

Danny Dorling: Slowdown: Whose freedom? at the Association of Visual Artists, Vienna Secession, 30th September 2019.
A public lecture in the series ‘Wessen Freiheit’ (Whose freedom). A short talk by Danny Dorling on Slowdown and what the future may bring given the spatial dimension of the distribution of property and resources, followed by a debate with Gabu Heindl (the Vienna-based architect and planner) and the audience. Curated by the Association of Visual Artists at Vienna Secession, Friedrichstraße 12, A-1010 Wien, Austria: Slowdown: Whose freedom? Abstract: Is there always deep poverty near to great riches, but not necessarily such widespread poverty in those places where a small group of people are not extremely rich? What role do housing markets and policies play? Why do so many of our maps of human society appear fractal in their nature? And what happens when we start to look for social patterns in time as well as space? In what ways does history repeat? These are just a few of the questions that Danny Dorling raises in this third event of the secession’s series Wessen Freiheit?.

Stalling life expectancy: recording of the whole BSPS event, 5th July 2019. Since 2014, projected (cohort) future life expectancy in the UK has fallen by just over a year for both men and women. Period UK life expectancy was lower in each year after 2014 than in 2014. While early warnings of this trend were denounced by the Department for Health as “a triumph of personal bias over research”, it is increasingly hard to refute. As the evidence mounts it is imperative to discuss why and how this stalling came about, particularly where we are also witnessing a widening gap in life expectancy between the rich and the poor. This event brought together a range of speakers to debate the possible causes of stalling life expectancy and to help encourage those seeking to stop and reverse the trend. Organised by Fran Darlington-Pollock (University of Liverpool), Paul Norman (University of Leeds), and Danny Dorling (University of Oxford) on behalf of the British Society for Population Studies (BSPS); introduced by Piers Elias (BSPS president), speakers (in order) Danny Dorling, Gemma Ware (Society Editor for The Conversation), George Ploubidis (Centre for Longitudinal Studies, Department of Social Science, UCL), Alexander Cooke (ONS), Veena Raleigh (King’s Fund), Jennifer Dowd, (Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, King’s College London), Julie Ramsay and Maria Kaye-Bardgett (National Records of Scotland) and ending with a panel discussion chaired by Dame Karen Dunnell (Chair of the Longevity Science Panel).

Danny Dorling Keynote: Debating stalling life expectancy: What do the 2018 mid-year estimates tell us?, British Society for Population Studies (BSPS) One day meeting, University College London, July 5th 2019

Danny Dorling contributing to the “Evolving Economic Thought” lecture series, Oxford Martin School, on 30th May 2019, with a talk entitled: “Is the Human Species Slowing Down? Concerning recent demographic trends (and much more).

Renegade Inc’s host, Ross Ashcroft, is joined by Professor Danny Dorling to discuss if an imperial mindset is preventing us from becoming a progressive social democracy in a rapidly evolving, multipolar world. 28th January 2019

Sally Tomlinson speaking with Adam Boulton on Sky News about the ideas in the book “Rule Britannia: Brexit and the end of Empire” on January 18th 2019. To what extent is Brexit the last gasp of British Empire thinking? Why did this happen to the UK, not the rest of the EU27?

“Rule Britannia: from Brexit to the end of Empire” Danny Dorling appearing on Going Underground, on January 14th, being interviewed by Afshin Rattansi as parliament prepared for the first ‘meaningful’ vote it would have on Brexit on January 15th 2019.

“Can Brexit help Britain to finally get over its imperial past?”, Sally Tomlinson appearing on Doubling Down, on October 15th 2018. Chaired by Henry Bonsu and based in London, Sally was the first of a series of panellist invited that day to discuss Brexit and Empire.

“What Brexit tells us about the British” Professor Danny Dorling giving a talk to the Geography Society of the University of Oxford, October 19th 2018.

“Peak Inequality – Britain’s’ Ticking Time Bomb”, Afshin Rattansi Interviews Danny Dorling over whether Britain hit peak inequality in July 2018 and about the book ‘Peak Inequality’

“Inequality – the big picture”, Danny Dorling kicking off the summer lectures at the IF Project (a free university), St Margaret’s House, Bethnal Green, London, May 22nd 2018

“Could 2018 be the peak of the crisis in health in the UK?” – Life expectancy has stalled, infant mortality is rising, no other European country as badly effected. Danny Dorling speaking at ‘Medicine Unboxed’ in Cheltenham on November 25th 2017.

Danny Dorling and Daren Smith discuss: “Brexit: The result of rising inequality, not rising immigration”. A lecture given at the university of Loughborough in December 2017, discussion uploaded February 6th 2018.

Danny Dorling, and Ana Arender discuss businessmen meeting in Davos and the current state of Inequality, Oxfam live broadcast, Oxford: Oxfam House, January 24th 2018.

“Cathie Marsh Memorial Lecture 2017 – How unequal is the UK – and should we care?” (November 10th 2017) with Danny Dorling (Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography, University of Oxford) and David Willetts (Executive Chair, the Resolution Foundation). Discussant: Wanda Wyporska (Executive Director, The Equality Trust), Chair: Helen Barnard (Head of Analysis, Joseph Rowntree Foundation).

Danny Dorling’s contribution to the ‘Imagine 2027’ Seminar Series, Anglia Ruskin University, October 19th 2017: “Education, Equality and Everything Else: A Fairer England in 2027”

Danny Dorling giving a lecture at the LSE in May 2017: “The Equality Effect: improving life for everyone”. Hosted by the International Inequalities Institute and chaired by Neil Lee of the LSE.

Party Political Broadcast, filmed by Ken Loach and published on May 31st 2017. A week before the June 2017 General Election. “The UK is the most economically unequal country in Europe”.

Danny Dorling giving the Annual John Hamilton Lifelong Learning Lecture, Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Liverpool, October 14th 2016: “Leaving Reality: The UK and the rest of Europe”.

Danny Dorling talking on – Epidemiology: abandoning the social: How deaths in England and Wales rose in a year by 5%, in Scotland by 9%, but epidemiologists were too busy with the genome to notice the bills of mortality, International Journal of Epidemiology Conference, University of Bristol, October 7th 2016.

Danny Dorling: Talking about Brexit on BBC Newsnight 29th September 2016.
Most people who voted to leave the EU lived in the South of England. Most were social class A, B or C1. The middle classes may not have been the groups who were most likely to vote to leave, but because of both their absolute numbers and their high rate of turnout they were vital to determining the final result.

Population 10 billion, future prospects: Invited Lecture given by Danny Dorling, Geography and Urban Planning Forum, North East Normal university, Changchun, China, edited by Carl Lee, September 22nd 2016.

Growing Historic Cities – Oxford (and York, Cambridge, London, Bristol, Exeter and Hull!). Keynote lecture given by Danny Dorling, at the Urbed Historic cities conference, Kellogg College, Oxford, September 13th 2016.

Danny Dorling: A better Politics: how government can make us happier and healthier, The 10th annual Julian Tudor Hart Lecture, Cardiff University School of Social Sciences, Cardiff, July 7th 2016. An early reaction to the vote to leave the EU among other issues.

As part of Low Carbon Oxford Week 2016, agile-ox presented Professor Danny Dorling, on ‘Geography, Pollution and Inequality: Manipulating the market mechanism to promote frugality, prudence and deferred gratification without the perversion of profit’, June 14th 2016.

Danny speaking to slides on recent global trends in income inequality, Institute for New Economic Thinking, Young Scholars’ Initiative and the Inequality Working Group Webinar, Given from the University of Oxford, June 8th 2016.

Danny Dorling ‘Hay Levels’ examining the geodemographics of the UK, using maps created by Oliver O’Brien (UCL, CASA) in 2012 and updated in 2015. You can further explore the maps here. Video recorded in Hay on Wye in May 2016.

Danny speaking with Afshin Rattansi on Russia Today’s Going Underground, 11th May 2016.

Danny talking about inequality and mortality at the British Sociology Annual Conference, Aston, April 8th, 2016

Danny’s keynote: Multicultural Britain – A better politics for a different society, British Sociology Annual Conference, Aston, April 8th, 2016

Is growing inequality a price worth paying for London’s continued economic success? A RSA / Trust for London Event with the following Panel: Danny Dorling, Professor of Geography, University of Oxford; Mark Littlewood, Director General, Institute of Economic Affairs; Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice, London Business School and Faiza Shaheen, director, Centre for Labour and Social Studies (Class).

Danny Dorling speaking at the Cabinet Office, 100 Parliament Street, London, March 15th 2016.

Restoring Oxford as the UK’s Cycling Capital. Danny Dorling speaking at the Oxford Civic Society, Jesus College, Oxford, February 11th 2016.

“Is inequality an unavoidable fact of life?” Danny Dorling, Bruno Rinvolucri and Leah Green in a feature for

Annual Public Health Lecture by Danny Dorling at the University of Southampton, January 14th 2016.

Danny Dorling giving the King’s Chevening Distinguished Lecture, King’s College, London, November 23rd 2015

“Housing and Future Cities”, Panel contribution by Danny Dorling at the Festival of Ideas, Bristol, November 19th 2015.

Danny speaking at the Oxfordshire Community Foundation’s annual debate, The Oxford Union, Oxford, November 10th 2015.

“Bristol, Devolution, Rising Inequality”. Danny speaking on the BBC Politics Show, 22 November 2015.

“Economic inequality and our grandchildren’s future”, Keele World Affairs Lecture, Keele University, October 8th 2015.

Danny speaking at the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce, London, October 5th 2015.

Public Lecture at the School of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Nottingham, October 13th 2015.

“What we know about why social inequality persists – and the possible consequences” – Danny speaking at the Royal Geographical Society, London, 22nd September 2015.

5th Annual Lecture of the Oxford Education Society held by Danny Dorling, Friday 18th September 2015.

Based on his plenary session at the 2015 Policy & Politics conference on why social inequalities persist, Danny Dorling talked to Policy & Politics about the persistence of growing inequalities in the UK. Drawing on multiple sources of evidence, he suggests causal links with depleting mental health in the young, the increased use of anti-depressant drugs, and high rates of infant deaths than in similar affluent countries, sketching a narrative of the insidious potential social consequences for our society in a hundred years’ time…

Danny speaking about Inequality on Russia Today’s Deeper Underground programme, 4th July 2015.

Theories of potential and the creation of inequality. Danny giving the DEPS Annual Education Lecture, 23rd June 2015, King’s College London.

Danny talks about population growth and decline, immigration and the prospects for the UK if the No vote win a majority to leave the EU in the forthcoming referendum. This was part of his Keynote Address delivered at the 2015 GA Conference, entitled: The geography of elections: will the 40 years of voting polarisation continue in May 2015? Find out more on the GA website.

Danny discussing housing politics on Russia Today’s Going Underground, May 16th 2015.

Danny and the business minister Matt Hancock debate economic growth on BBC Newsnight with Kirsty Wark, 15th January 2015.

Danny speaking at a Green Party event, Henry Box School, Witney, March 23rd 2015.

Danny Dorling, Annie Radl and Dave Humphreys speaking about the need for more housing in Oxford, BBC Newsnight, 2nd March 2015.

Danny Dorling speaking about changes in life expectancy in the North of England. Broadcast on BBC inside out North East and Cumbria, 2nd March 2015.

Inequality and the 1%: Danny’s contribution to Hay Levels at the 2014 Hay Festival.

Talk given at the ESRC First Year Student Conference in the Hadyn Ellis Building at Cardiff University, 29th January 2015.

Danny Dorling discussing with Ben Southwood of the Adam Smith Institute about Oxfam’s report that states that Richest 1% will own more than all the rest by 2016. Broadcast on BBC World News with Tim Willcox, 19th January 2015.

Zeinab Badawi speaks to Danny Dorling on BBC HARDtalk, first broadcast 15 Sep 2014.

Danny discussing ‘Generation Rent’ with Carl Lee. Film made by Sheffield College student Joe O’Connor for University of Sheffield student conference ‘Generation Rent’ October 2014.

Danny Dorling speaking at Counterfire’s public forum in London on 2 December 2014.

Danny’s keynote speech at the conference of the British Educational Research Association, London, September 2014

Danny Dorling discusses inequality and the 1% on Bloomsberg TV Europe, 8th October 2014.

Danny Dorling on Russia Today’s Going Underground programme speaking about inequality and the squeezed upper middle, 1st October 2014.

“How contemporary capitalism warps our linking”, 15 minutes with Danny in 5×15 stories, London, 30th June 2014.

The Global 10 Billion: Is it something to celebrate? Danny Dorling speaking at the Critical Subjects Summer School 2014.

“20s plenty for us” Danny talks about the advantages of 20mph speed limits in residential areas by shops and schools, on ITV’s Daybreak program, preceded by children in Huddersfield.

“Geography, Inequality and Oxford”, Danny’s inaugural lecture as the Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography at the University of Oxford, 3rd February 2014. Download the slides as PDF file

Housing Crisis: What should we do? Danny in a news feature with Paul Mason and a discussion with Jon Snow on Channel 4 News

Too Many People – Too Few Houses? Danny speaking at the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape’s Public Lecture Series, Newcastle University, October 10th 2013.

Danny interviewed by Manisha Tank, CNN World View, World Population Day, July 11th 2013.

Danny speaking at Newman University Birmingham, February 5th 2014.

Ageing China: What are the challenges facing the country’s rapidly ageing population? Danny Dorling discussing with Tania Lee and Anne-Sophie Parent on Al Jazeera’s Inside Story, 03 Jul 2013.

Danny Dorling speaking on Going Underground at Russia Today, 13th January 2014

This House Believes Class Runs Britain, Debate with Danny Dorling, Ken Livingstone, Fiona O’Donnell, Peter Hamilton, Peter Saunders and Alvin Hall, Cambridge Union Society, 25th October 2012.

Health and other inequalities – why should they matter to you? Lecture given at the the Sheffield Colloquium, the flagship Discover and Understand event of the University of Sheffield, 18th March 2013.

Megacity London – ever growing, ever more unequal? Talk by Danny Dorling and Benjamin Hennig at a networking event organized by the Sheila McKechnie Foundation (SMK), London, Tuesday 15th January 1013.

Danny Dorling at TEDxEastEnd (Society beyond borders, 2011): A World without border controls in a century.

Two mums and Danny discuss findings from the forthcoming book “The Population of the UK” on the BBC breakfast sofa, 22 October 2012.

Rising inequality and rising austerity – when is the tipping point? Danny speaking at Soundings, Broadcasting Place, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, 19th September 2012.

“What can we do that’s positive?” Danny speaking at the event on Reducing Inequalities in Child Health“, Gresham College, 4th October 2012.

Everything is related to Everything else – A Sheffield College, Sheffield University, Humanstudio collaboration (PDF download more info)

Danny Dorling’s equality lecture held at the British Library Conference Centre in London (2012).

Danny Dorling giving the 2012 Beveridge Lecture on “Fairness and the changing fortunes of people in Britain 1970-2012”.

In his response to the What One Change question, Danny Dorling calls for a default speed limit of 20mph in residential areas. More than a successful campaign to save lives, Danny explains why the “Twenty’s Plenty” campaign also offers a route to wider social change.

An interview with Danny Dorling by the ETA Trust, Weybridge, February 2012.

A talk by Danny Dorling at Occupy London, University Tent, St. Paul’s, November 29th 2011.

Danny Dorling on BBC Daily Politics Report, BBC 2, November 30th 2011.

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