The best start in life?

In Japan, I once met a man who was starving. He was proud and he was dying.

Global trends over time – apart from climate, is almost everything else about to get better?

Some ideas to share with current London-based Social Science PhD students.

Letter sent to the Financial Times Newspaper (London), Thursday May 30th 2019

We believe there are issues of concern over the governance of the UK’s largest private pension, the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS).

How the end of Britain’s empire helped Leave to its initial 2016 victory

The collapse of Britain’s empire in the decades after World War II was followed by a huge growth and then persistence of extreme economic inequality.

Hay Festival 25th May 2019 – Rule Britannia

Sally Tomlinson and Danny Dorling speaking at the Hay Festival, on the Oxfam Moot Stage, May 25th 2019 – the day after Theresa May resigned.

On the 200th birthday of Queen Victoria: Theresa May resigned

How did it come to this? What is happening to Britain and why? Why now? Why such an enormous mess?

What Brexit (and its aftermath) teaches us about Britain

With gratitude to the woman who founded the Brexit party for coming along and asking the world’s longest ever question. Hopefully you are intrigued.

Brexit and the end of the British Empire, Keele Public Lecture

With gratitude to the man from the Stoke area who asked the first question, after listening to this argument, and said: ‘You put me right’.

Lakin McCarthy Presents Danny Dorling: Rule Britannia

A talk on ‘Rule Britannia, From Brexit to the end of Empire‘ – at Komedia Comedy Club, Brighton, May 5th 2019.

Food and Hard Times in Three European Countries

Having enough to eat of a decent quality and quantity has long been a central expectation of what it means to live in a Western country.

Time for the truth: We ‘left’ the EU because of Hampshire

An illustrated talk by Danny Dorling (on one small part the book Rule Britannia) given at Winchester Skeptics in the Pub on April 25th 2019.

Dying Quietly: The New Suburbs

Mustn’t grumble. Mustn’t make a fuss. England’s suburbs are slowly dying, as years of austerity slowly changes the landscape.

The Wreckers: Fabian Review Essay, Spring 2019

The crises which have engulfed this government should not blind us to the fact that the Conservatives are supremely successful at what they are best at.

Day of reckoning: Brexit and UK Universities

Universities helped foster the environment in which Brexit became possible. It is time to make amends.

Ireland: Recession, Austerity and Life Expectancy

Dear Sir Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the letter of February 25, 2019 from Professor J Hanley.