Want to understand the Covid map? Look at where we live and how we work

It’s social, not medical, science that tells us most about the disparate spread of this pandemic.

The unprecedented rise of mortality across poorer parts of the UK

Danny Dorling discusses recent findings from a major study of mortality across UK countries and cities, and highlights unprecedented worsening mortality among the UK’s poorest communities:

Past pandemics, fear, dread and hope

In 1890, when he was still at school in Harrow, Winston Churchill wrote a poem


As Eva Gómez-Jiménez and Michael Toolan explain in the Introduction to this book, high economic inequality has,

Is the cure worse than the disease? The most divisive question of 2020

In 1968, at the height of the last great influenza pandemic, at least a million people worldwide died

How many more will be dead by Christmas?

In the week after the schools went back in England and Wales, an extra 538 people died (77 a day).

Why are coronavirus rates rising in some areas of England and not others?

Growing alarm has been expressed over the rising numbers of people who are testing positive for COVID-19 in the UK.

Everything, almost everywhere, is slowing down

Long before the 2020 pandemic swept the world, almost everything was already slowing down.

Coronavirus: why aren’t death rates rising with case numbers?

It is a conundrum. For much of the past two months, many people have been convinced that mortality associated with COVID-19 would rise as the number of people testing positive with the disease increased. But this has not happened so far.

Slowing Down: Has this Been the Worst Pandemic in Britain in Living Memory?

If you are a little older than I am, then you may well remember worse pandemics than that of 2020.

COVID-19: The rise in destitution and inequality in the UK

On July 8th 2020 the Treasury released a document titled “Impact of COVID-19 on working household incomes: distributional analysis as of May 2020”.

Generational change: breaking the silence of the old

The COVID-19 crisis has coincided with worldwide Black Lives Matter protests

So what do we know now about Covid-19 in the UK?

It need not have arrived first in Europe in Italy. The disease could have arrived elsewhere on this continent first, and it could have arrived much earlier than it did.

The Geography of Slowdown: The End of The Great Acceleration – Keynote Address

Great economic inequalities will be hard to sustain during and following slowdown.