The vote to leave the EU was the last gasp of the old empire working its way out of the British psyche. Or so argues our keynote speaker, Danny Dorling, author (with Sally Tomlinson) of Rule Britannia: Brexit and the end of empire. Danny is joined by three panellists, political journalist Martha Gill, who has written about young people’s future engagement with traditional political parties; Matthew Goodwin, who has conducted a far-reaching evaluation of Brexit; and  Jonathan Isaby, Editor of BrexitCentral, a fervent eurosceptic since his teenage years.The session is chaired by Claire Ainsley, Executive Director of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and author of The New Working Class: how to win hearts, minds and votes.

In the wake of Brexit, what are the issues we face around trust, democracy and political engagement, and how can these be resolved? As globalisation spreads, do humans need to feel a sense of belonging – to a tribe, kind, nation – more now than ever before? An audio recording of the final session of the University of York’s special Festival Focus Day on toleration:

In the order in which they speak: Danny Dorling, Jonathan Isaby, Matthew Goodwin, and Martha Gill each talking briefly on issues of toleration, civil society, public trust and engagement in politics, as a result of Brexit. The session was chaired by Claire Ainsley, Executive Director of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and held at the University of York’s Festival of Ideas, King’s Manor, York, on June 9th 2019.

Danny speaking on his latest book which explores key issues in relation to Brexit; Jonathan reflecting on his work in relation to BrexitCentral, his views on delivering Brexit, public trust given the polarisation of opinions with regard to delivering Brexit. Matthew talking on his work on populism, voting patterns and political trust and engagement; and Martha on young people’s engagement and or trust with the traditional political parties and in particular reflecting on her recent analysis of young people and the future of the Conservative party.

Danny Dorling speaking on toleration – and what happens if we tolerate this.