Inequality and the 1%

by Danny Dorling

The Interactive Brexit Jigsaw Map

Most of the Leave voters of the UK lived in the south of England (including London). This is surprising as it was where only a minority of the UK electorate lived. But it was where the Tory and UKIP voters who most wanted to leave lived in greatest numbers, where the old are concentrated, and where electoral turnout is almost always highest, and was highest in June 2016. Following on from the south east region of England where referendum turnout was highest (and which does not include London), the largest turnouts were - in descending order - the south west of England, Eastern England, and the East Midlands. Nowhere in the North of England had turnout as high or was a large place home to as many actual Leave voters. Every single county in the Map below has a corresponding set of areas not in the South of England it can be compared which had fewer Leave voters despite a larger electorate. You can hover over each area, or, if you are viewing this on a tablet, press and hold your finger on any area to see all areas that are related. Further explanations and static versions of this map can be found when scrolling further down on this page.

The Brexit Way

The above interactive map provides a summary of this geographic Brexit jigsaw. If you are on a mobile phone, or prefer more static views, then you may want to download the full series of 28 maps as PDF documents below. Each shows a county of city in the South of England and compares it to areas outside the South of England which had a larger registered total electorate in June 2016 for the referendum but where fewer people voted Leave. The summary map of all 28 smaller maps is called the ‘Brexit Way’. It is a new national walk you can take to understand the Leave voters as it goes past the homes of the majority of them. So many people in the South and East of England voted Leave that the walk would take you a very long time. It is better to cycle the route to pass along the site of the Brexit victory of Southern England: A permanent reminder to people in future of where the most and the strongest support for Leave came from. The letters/numbers relate to their respective areas also indicated in the interactive map above.