Who dies young in a rich city? – The Homeless

This Christmas and New Year 2020 have been mercifully warm in Oxford, with the temperature staying at (or above) two degrees at night – so far.

Slowdown: Whose freedom? a talk at Vienna Secession

A short talk on what the future may bring given the spatial dimension of the distribution of property and resources, followed by a debate with Gabu Heindl, the Vienna-based architect and planner.

What’s So Funny About Brexit? (and other subjects)

Danny Dorling talking about ‘What’s So Funny About Brexit? on the Treehouse stage, Greenbelt Festival,

We need MORE babies, not fewer, Harry!

Many thousands of words have been written on the subject of Prince Harry’s announcement in Vogue last week that, when it comes to children, he intends to have ‘Two, maximum!’

Ministers will still claim, to their dying breath in some cases…

“Ministers will still claim, to their dying breath in some cases, that there is no ‘evidence’ linking their actions to the rising numbers of premature deaths in the UK, but eventually they will buckle under the weight of reports showing they are wrong.”

The smaller generation to come – worldwide

Here’s some good news for the planet: the human population is set to peak and stabilise, not rising much above 9.7 billion, the total that it will reach around the year 2050, according to the latest UN figures.

How to Solve the Housing Crisis

It might not be sexy, but the answer to the endemic housing crisis not just in Britain but across the West is something relatively simple: effective property taxes

The cost of housing and education for young adults in England

Something went very wrong in the UK, and especially in England, during the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s. Housing became too expensive for young adults to afford and then, by 2012, we made half of them take out huge debts to go to university. It’s time to fix both problems.

Health Inequalities in Trump’s America and Brexit Britain

Why do people vote for politicians and rhetoric which actually puts their own lives at risk and what can be done about it?

Radcliff Camera

The Oxfordshire ‘Expressway’, local and European elections, and the Conservative leadership race.

On the evening of 17 June at 7.30pm Oxford Civic Society held a public debate in the Assembly Room of the Town Hall on the effect on Oxfordshire of the planned Expressway and related issues.

Inequality: Lessons from History

Penny Bickle, David Wengrow, Kate Pickett and Danny Dorling speaking at the Festival of Ideas, Ron Cooke Hub, University of York, on June 10th 2019.

Brexit: the future of political engagement, trust and democracy

The vote to leave the EU was the last gasp of the old empire working its way out of the British psyche.

The future is bright and the geography is clear

Brexit has been a disaster with silver linings. The process of trying to leave the EU and the end result could finally jolt the British elite out of their superior complacency, and thereby make the country a fairer and more humane place.

The best start in life?

In Japan, I once met a man who was starving. He was proud and he was dying.

Global trends over time – apart from climate, is almost everything else about to get better?

Some ideas to share with current London-based Social Science PhD students.