Who is going to heal London?

I’m Danny Dorling – I am the one member of the London Fairness Commission not to live or work in London. My vision is that we should concentrate on what appears to be most unfair and tackle that unfairness.

Inequality and Government

Danny Dorling in conversation with Stefan Stern

Inequality is the biggest threat to the world

People often think that a certain level of inequality is normal in our societies, says the social geographer Danny Dorling.

Social cohesion, sustainability, city, demographics, the economy and education – Japan, the UK and similar countries

Keynote: British Academy and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) seminar on Growing Cities, Divided Cities

Is inequality an unavoidable fact of life?

Danny Dorling, Bruno Rinvolucri and Leah Green

Breath-taking ignorance

When answering questions on “sink estates” in the House of Commons on 13th January the Prime Minister displayed a breath-taking degree of ignorance on housing that can only have been sustained by a growing arrogance.

Injustice, Inequality and the 1%

Public Lecture at the York Union

Have we become acclimatised to greater inequality?

Keynote by Danny Dorling and Kate Pickett

Viewpoint on Inequality and the 1%

Spare a thought for the 1% lowest earners in the UK. Read on if you care…

UK among world’s worst for teaching to the test

Schools in Britain are among the worst in the world for ‘teaching to the test’ because of high levels of social inequality


A Fifteen Minute Lecture with Danny Dorling

Creating a more equal society will require understanding and generosity, hope, perseverance, but above all kindness

Causal links with depleting mental health in the young, the increased use of anti-depressent drugs, and high rates of infant deaths than in similar affluent countries, sketching a narrative of the insidious potential social consequences for our society in a hundred years’ time.

Seven new maps of the world and what they might mean

Two talks recorded at Southgate School 6th form, Cockfosters, London (December 8th) St Helen and St Katharine School, Abingdon (December 9th 2015)

Policing one hundred years hence

Having a large police force is a temporary feature. They have no longterm future and no lengthy history.