Seven new maps of the world and what they might mean

Two talks recorded at Southgate School 6th form, Cockfosters, London (December 8th) St Helen and St Katharine School, Abingdon (December 9th 2015)

Policing one hundred years hence

Having a large police force is a temporary feature. They have no longterm future and no lengthy history.

Inequality and the 1%

Talk at Labour students, Queen Mary University

The environment: social inequality and over-consumption and why both persist

Lecture at Kinvig Geography Society, University of Birmingham

Housing and Future Cities

Panel contribution, and answering questions with Michael Edwards, Kate Macintosh, Anna Minton, and Zoe Williams at the Festival of Ideas

Better to do good than spend on try to look good

Contribution to Oxfordshire Community Foundation’s annual debate

The Establishment

Danny discussion with Owen Jones

Why you can’t be rich – but you could be happier

Lecture at the Thomas Hardye School, Dorchester

Poverty in Oxford and the UK

Talk at the Blackfriars Poverty in Britain Group

What a more equal society might look like

Danny speaking at the Young Foundation, London

The population bomb: talking about other people as if they were not like you and getting it very wrong

Environmental Sustainability and Demographic Change Conference, The Martin School, Oxford University

The case for the living wage in Oxford

E. Kosmin, V. Coulter, and D. Dorling speaking at the University College Lecture theater, Oxford

Launch of the second edition of ‘Injustice’

Audio recording from the event at Housman’s bookshop, London