“Inequality – the big picture”, Danny Dorling kicking off the summer lectures at the IF Project (a free university), St Margaret’s House, Bethnal Green, London, May 22nd 2018

“Could 2018 be the peak of the crisis in health in the UK?” – Life expectancy has stalled, infant mortality is rising, no other European country as badly effected.” Danny Dorling speaking at ‘Medicine Unboxed’ in Cheltenham on November 25th 2017.

Danny Dorling and Daren Smith discuss: “Brexit: The result of rising inequality, not rising immigration”. A lecture given at the university of Loughborough in December 2017, discussion uploaded February 6th 2018.

“Cathie Marsh Memorial Lecture 2017 – How unequal is the UK – and should we care?” (November 10th 2017) with Danny Dorling (Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography, University of Oxford) and David Willetts (Executive Chair, the Resolution Foundation). Discussant: Wanda Wyporska (Executive Director, The Equality Trust), Chair: Helen Barnard (Head of Analysis, Joseph Rowntree Foundation).

Danny Dorling giving a lecture at the LSE in May 2017: “The Equality Effect: improving life for everyone”. Hosted by the International Inequalities Institute and chaired by Neil Lee of the LSE.

Danny Dorling: Talking about Brexit on BBC Newsnight 29th September 2016
Most people who voted to leave the EU lived in the South of England. Most were social class A, B or C1. The middle classes may not have been the groups who were most likely to vote to leave, but because of both their absolute numbers and their high rate of turnout they were vital to determining the final result.

Danny Dorling: A better Politics: how government can make us happier and healthier, The 10th annual Julian Tudor Hart Lecture, Cardiff University School of Social Sciences, Cardiff, July 7th. An early reaction to the vote to leave the EU, among other issues.

Danny Dorling giving the Annual John Hamilton Lifelong Learning Lecture, Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Liverpool, October 14th 2016: “Leaving Reality: The UK and the rest of Europe”.

What are the implications of Brexit for the housing crisis in the UK? Danny Dorling offers some answers at Urbed’s 4×4 event, held in Manchester on July 13th 2016.

“Is inequality an unavoidable fact of life?” Danny Dorling, Bruno Rinvolucri and Leah Green in a feature for theguardian.com.

Is growing inequality a price worth paying for London’s continued economic success? A RSA / Trust for London Event with the following Panel: Danny Dorling, Professor of Geography, University of Oxford; Mark Littlewood, Director General, Institute of Economic Affairs; Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice, London Business School and Faiza Shaheen, director, Centre for Labour and Social Studies (Class).

Annual Public Health Lecture by Danny Dorling at the University of Southampton, January 14th 2016.

Danny talking about inequality and mortality at the British Sociology Annual Conference, Aston,8th April, 2016

Scroogeonomics: A Fifteen Minute Lecture with Danny Dorling. Part of a seasonal night out against austerity, Rich Mix, Bethnal Green Road, London, December 19th 2015.

“Bristol, Devolution, Rising Inequality”. Danny speaking on the BBC Politics Show, 22 November 2015.

“Economic inequality and our grandchildren’s future”, Keele World Affairs Lecture, Keele University, October 8th 2015.

Danny talks about population growth and decline, immigration and the prospects for the UK if the No vote win a majority to leave the EU in the forthcoming referendum. This was part of his Keynote Address delivered at the 2015 GA Conference, entitled: The geography of elections: will the 40 years of voting polarisation continue in May 2015? Find out more on the GA website.

Danny and the business minister Matt Hancock debate economic growth on BBC Newsnight with Kirsty Wark, 15th January 2015.

Inequality and the 1%: Danny’s contribution to Hay Levels at the 2014 Hay Festival.

Zeinab Badawi speaks to Danny Dorling on BBC HARDtalk, first broadcast 15 Sep 2014.

Danny Dorling giving the King’s Chevening Distinguished Lecture, King’s College, London, November 23rd 2015.

Restoring Oxford as the UK’s Cycling Capital. Danny Dorling speaking at the Oxford Civic Society, Jesus College, Oxford, February 11th 2016.

N.A.S.A. – Money feat. David Byrne, Chuck D, Ras Congo, Seu Jorge & Z-Trip (Grant Phabao Remix) – Worldmapper Video Edition

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