Shattered Nation

Inequality and the Geography of a Failing State


This section presents 150 slides created exclusively for this Shattered Nation companion website. Via the links below, view an overview of all slides at once, or access the slides chapter by chapter. You can also download all the slides as a PowerPoint file, or access some of the underlying data in Excel spreadsheets.

These slides are made freely available for personal use, teaching or research. Please note that the copyright in some images in the slides may belong to other people or organisations. A reference to the sources is always given, and in such cases, they are images that are available via the internet from that source. Where graphs and maps have been drawn by the author, this is noted in the relevant slides or no other source is given. You are welcome to use these as noted above, as long as a reference to these web pages as the source is given. The data for graphs drawn by the author can be found in the Shattered Nation Excel file (link above).

Danny Dorling