Shattered Nation

Inequality and the Geography of a Failing State

Notes & References

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1. The Roundabout
2. Growing Divides
3. Hunger
4. Precarity
5. Waste
6. Exploitation
7. Fear
8. A Failing State
9. Conclusion
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1. The Roundabout

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2. Growing Divides

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3. Hunger

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6 In Bulgaria income inequality has been higher than in the UK since 2013, although it fell in the most recent year recorded. In Lithuania it was lower in the latest year reported (2019) than in any year since 2014. In Romania it reached a high point in 2017, but has fallen since. Moreover, like in Lithuania, Romania’s inequality was still below the level the UK reached in 2017. Similarly, in every other Eastern European country inequality is also lower, sometimes much lower, than in the UK. In October 2022 the UK reported that there had been a fall in its income inequality in 2020, but it was still higher than that of any other European country reporting at that time. See: OECD, Income inequality, online statistics,

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4. Precarity

1 ‘Taking action on cost emergency: Scottish Government Resilience Room convened’,, 11 August 2022.

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5. Waste

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4 Usually attributed to Napoleon but first mentioned in Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations. See Sita Balani, ‘Britain: a history of shopkeeping, empire and racial tensions’, Media Diversified, 7 October 2013.

5 Some 6 per cent more (excluding the motor trade). See ONS, ‘JOBS03: Employee jobs by industry’, 14 June 2022.

6 If you want to know what is in each industry see ONS, UK SIC 2007, 24 January 2022.

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8 The cut is undoubtedly huge, but hard to quantify. For just one ‘player’, the Financial Times explains: ‘Tracing the finances at Four Seasons is all but impossible; the company’s sprawling structure consists of 200 companies arranged in 12 layers in at least five jurisdictions, including several offshore territories.’ Gill Plimmer, ‘Private equity and Britain’s care home crisis’, Financial Times, 8 February 2020.

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10 Automation does not in itself reduce the amount of useful work people can do, but when it comes to automated factories being moved to other countries, which can better look after and service the robots, the UK does have a significant problem. See ‘BMW to move electric Mini production from Oxford to China’, ITV News, 17 October 2022. In other economic activities, such as car washing, what was once automated has become increasingly now done by hand by very cheap labour, on otherwise disused urban land.

11 This comparison relies on Table 1b from the ONS 2022 source referred to in note 2 above, Regional gross value added (balanced) by industry (chained volume measures in 2019 money value, pounds million).

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6. Exploitation

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7. Fear

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8. A Failing State

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9. Conclusion

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