The Housing Problem

Danny speaking at the Way with words Festival

Economic Inequality and Geographical Optimism

Talk at the Way with words Festival

Government policies are turning education into a production line

Classrooms are crumbling and inequality is getting worse, but the government’s priorities are more testing and free schools

Theories of Potential and the Creation of Inequality

Annual Education Lecture, King’s College London

Injustice – why social inequality still persists

In the five years since the first edition of Injustice there have been devastating increases in poverty, hunger and destitution in the UK.

Worldmapper and climate

Danny speaking at Wood Farm Primary School, Oxford

Injustice and Empathy

Why Social Inequality still persists, Oxford Empathy Festival

Utopias and six generations

Looking back six generations is a ‘utopian trick’. And looking back at the last six generations suggests that capitalism might have been a transition.

Inequality and Austerity

Talk with Mary O’Hara and Danny Dorling at the Hay Festival

Oxford, inequality and the generation that fixes this mess

Class of 2015, joint Junior Common Rooms of Trinity, Corpus Christi, St Anne’s, Pembroke and Exeter colleges

Now is the time when we most need hope

People on both the left and the right construct their stories, testaments and beliefs as to the way to behave.

Utopian tricks – thinking ahead 100 years and back 6 generations

Utopias, Temporalities and Futures: Critical Considerations for Social Change Symposium

Inequality and your future

After Dinner Speech, Halford Mackinder Geography Society at Christ Church College, Oxford

Levellers day

Democracy and Education

Levellers’ Day Panel discussion