Social Inequality in the UK: challenges for policymakers

Social Inequality in the UK: challenges for policymakers

A talk given to the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Social Science and Policy, Attlee Suite, Portcullis House, July 3rd 2018.

Danny Dorling (with the occasional interjection from Peter Bottomley, the chair) speaking on the evidence that 2018 could be the year of peak injustice and social inequality, why inequality is so harmful to people in the UK today and how it can be reduced.

Click play on the Audio below to hear a 19 minute summary of Peak Inequality. And if you are bored with looking at this screen while you do that then play the visual interactive graphic of inequality at the same time as listening.

A further talk and discussion will be held on July 11th 2018 at the London Review of Books Bookshop at 7.00pm: tickets.

A public lecture will be given at the London School of Economics on July 17th at 6.30pm: details.

A lunchtime event will take at place at Royal Society of Arts and Commerce on July 19th at 1.00pm. Entry is free but places are limited: details.

Further talks in Edinburgh on August 22nd, Stoke on September 26th, Northampton on October 2nd, Hull on November 29th, and Weston Super Mare on December 5th. Details to be announced.