Why we need an anti-war government

Why we need an anti-war government

We know they used to keep plans for war secret from us. We know just how wrong they were in the past. So what are we not being told today?

In the 1950s in Britain, shortly after the Second World War, a nuclear bunker was built roughly every eight miles in every direction in this country. These bunkers were about four or five metres down, three people could sleep in them.

You can go to the Cotswolds now, you go to Broadway, go up to the tower there, ask them nicely in the tower and they will give you a guided tour of the nuclear bunker in Broadway. And in that nuclear bunker the local Sub-Post Officer and volunteers would go in to practise what to do in the event of a nuclear war.

They would go down – three of them into the bunker – and ‘man’ a periscope, looking in all directions, so that they could radio through and say where the Mushroom Cloud was and its size. And, of course, this was all covered by the Official Secrets Act. The base to which they were going to radio into was probably in Oxford. I don’t yet know where the big bunker in Oxford was, I would quite like to know its location.

A man (who in the 1990s as a young man was part of the staff) can take you down and show you round, quite patriotically. Those who staffed the bunker weren’t paid, except in food.

The bunkers continuously received food because government never knew when that food might be needed and food goes off. The volunteers used to take the food and eat it at home.

The food was there for when the warning came and you had to go and sit in the bunker, not coming out for two weeks while you hoped war would not start. Harold Wilson (when he was Prime Minister) cut the number of bunkers in half, quietly.

It was all secret.

So nobody other than the largely unquestioning specially selected ‘volunteers’, the military, and a few politicians, ever got to know. Finally, in 1992, they stopped using them entirely, but it was all still an official, absolute, secret.

The reason they stopped using the bunkers in 1992 was that the government had worked out, then, that there was no way that we were going to survive a nuclear war. But until 1992 they thought we were. They had to wait till Margaret Thatcher was forced out of power because she would never admit that we couldn’t survive.

Listen to the full speech, given in Oxford Town Hall on Thursday 22nd of March 2018:

Slowly the story is being told to the public. In the Yorkshire Evening Post newspaper on March 23rd 2018 people were told, for the first time, the following information. So please read the following summary from that news story and think: What are they planing and doing today that they are not telling you about?

“Contrary to popular belief, there were no public shelters built to withstand nuclear war – it would simply not have been possible to provide enough for the civilian population.
 Instead, bunkers were constructed in major cities to hold a select group of government and local authority staff who would run what remained of the country from these underground nerve centres.

None of the staff would have been allowed to take family members into the shelter with them – if they refused to go to their post, they were subject to martial law enforced by the regional commander, who had the power to order summary executions for a range of offences.

Despite costing around £1million each to build, this first wave of shelters quickly became obsolete as bomb technology became more powerful. The first War Rooms would have been inadequate in the event of a hydrogen bomb strike, and too small for the number of staff that would be needed in a devastating attack. A new network of larger bunkers called Regional Government Headquarters were built instead, and the Leeds bunker was downgraded in status beneath that of the regional nerve centre at Shipton, near York.

Leeds City Council took over the bunker as a local control centre in 1968 and it was in use until 1981, although only the upper level was occupied. It was decommissioned in the 1990s but was one of the final four of the original 13 to remain standing.

It passed into the ownership of a property company and was demolished in 2015, when the site was cleared for housing development. Our reporter was allowed access in 2011.”

But that story was only told this year to people living in Yorkshire. Slowly, drip by drip, in local news stories, we are told about past secrets and learn just how wrong those in power have been in our lifetimes. Why do you think they know any better today? What will be revealed in future about how our current government had secret plans for war? What is being done right now that in future will be revealed as both futile and very dangerous?

"ROYAL OBSERVER CORPS Underground Monitoring Post Locations" http://www.roc-heritage.co.uk/posts-map.html

Underground Monitoring Post Locations” http://www.roc-heritage.co.uk/posts-map.html

Mushroom cloud above Nagasaki after atomic bombing on August 9, 1945.

Mushroom cloud above Nagasaki after atomic bombing on August 9, 1945.