Margaret Thatcher’s government sowed the seeds of today’s housing crisis when it abandoned rent regulation in the private sector.

Those seeds were watered by the administrations of John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg who failed to realise the extent of the growing disaster that they were all nurturing. The results are the bitter harvest that it falls on Theresa May’s government to reap: rising homelessness, fear, destitution and dismay. The housing crisis will not end until homes are again seen as places to grow people, not profit.

But the fight for affordable housing is a battle that we can win again. See – Taxpayers Against Poverty – Affordable Housing Campaign BLOG 9 here

And then listen to Kate Pickett and Danny Dorling talking about Capitalism on the edge: Inequality and Brexit versus really taking back control below.

Really taking back control means
1. Taxing at the normal European level
2. Spending on education & health normally
3. Having housing laws that are fair to tenants
4. Working towards a basic income for all
5. No sanctions and student loans for the young
6. Introducing a fair system of voting (PR)
7. Not allowing the 1% who take a 7th of everything every year in the UK – to also run political parties, newspapers, companies, even university building programmes unchallenged. This is best done by reducing their income/wealth – and that can be done in many ways – which they are aware of.