Expert panel discusses the relationship between London and the rest of the UK
The relationship between London and the rest of the UK, so often the subject of divisive debate, is perhaps more topical – and more contentious – than ever. Yet the questions raised by this debate are both key to Britain’s identity and vital to its future.
Do London’s massive size and global importance warrant special attention from Britain’s politicians and media, or are the ‘Westminster elite’ caught in a bubble, oblivious to the issues facing people beyond the metropolis? Do Britain’s regions still share common economic problems demanding common solutions, or have the uneven effects of recession, recovery and austerity led to an economic ‘uncoupling’ between London and the nation? Is the presence of a ‘global city’ a boon for Britain as a whole, or does globalization serve London’s interests at the expense of those of the rest of the country? Can London serve as a model for an increasingly multicultural and devolved Britain, or are its cultural and political particularities turning it into an isolated and foreign city-state on the Thames?
Recordings of one set of panel discussions with speakers including Zoe Williams, Danny Dorling, and Tony Travers

This one-day conference was organised in conjunction with the Raphael Samuel History Centre, 11th July 2015.