How did it come to this? What is happening to Britain and why? Why now? Why such an enormous mess?

A few ideas are given in this article written to celebrate Empire Day May 24th 2019.


The article explains that the song to sing today goes as follows:

Brightly, brightly, sun of spring upon this happy day
Shine upon us as we sing this 24th of May
Shine upon our brothers too,
Far across the ocean blue,
As we raise our song of praise
On this our glorious Empire Day.


If you are interested in just how badly (almost) everything has fallen apart in the UK then this very short 18 minute keynote speech attempts to sum it up. It refers to the graph below.


The choice, as the talk explains, is between 36% and 38%.

Danny Dorling speaking on: ‘A more equal society is better for everyone: how can government, education, and employers help us get there’, at the Bridge Group Conference 2019, BBC Radio Theatre, Broadcasting House, May 21st 2019.


Figure 1: public expenditure as a proportion of GDP 2002-2020