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Chapter 5: Politics ... counting democracy, wasting votes

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Figure 5.1: Labour candidates elected as MPs in 2001 in Britain (%)
Figure 5.2: Proportion of electorate voting Labour in 2001 in Britain
Figure 5.3: Labour votes (ratio) per Labour MP elected in 2001 in Britain
Figure 5.4: Change in Bias towards Labour 1997 to 2001
Figure 5.5: Proportion of the electorate abstaining in 2001 in Britain
Figure 5.6: Increase in the electorate abstaining 1997-2001 in Britain
Figure 5.8: MPs in 2001 educated in non-selective state schools
Figure 5.9: Proportion of voters not having their wish honoured, 2001
Figure 5.10: Proportion of voters not represented had PR been used in 2001
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