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Excel Files
There is one Excel file per chapter, plus some extra ones. These can all be downloaded together (click on 'Files') , or seperately under the page for each chapter. If you don't have Microsoft Excel, you can download the viewer.

Each file contains all the Figures, Tables and Data used in each chapter. These excel sheets can be manipulated. For example, by selecting the cells that contain a map and altering the “conditional formatting” of those cells alternative shading and classification schemes can be employed. By altering the data to which the figures in the “Labels” spreadsheets refer to entirely different maps can be drawn. By manipulating the data new data and information can be generated. In almost all cases the data is given in more detail, for smaller geographical units, than are used in the figures. The file Extra1_detailed_map shows how that more detailed data can be mapped and gives population data not included in the book, and the file Extra2_elections_1832_1997 provides more data which there was not space in the book to show. In those chapters where the Figures are not all dynamically linked to the data a dynamic map sheet is provided to allow for this. A final file provides the text of the appendix: Extra3_appendix.

There are several figures taken from each chapter available here in colour. Simply click on the small 'thumbnail' image to see the larger image. You can save these by right-clicking (if you are a Windows user) and choosing 'Save picture as'. If you would like all of these images for your own use, click on 'Files' on the menu.

Please acknowledge the source if you use this material in your own work.

The maps show European Parlimentary constituencies drawn up in 1999. Details of these can be found in the file Excel File Extra 3. Figure 1.1 is the index map, where you can locate the constituency you are interested in.

The height of each area on all the maps is in proportion to a child’s chances of not winning a place to attend university. Click for more detail on the maps and areas used.

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