Human Geography of the UK by Danny Dorling - Companion Website

Chapter 4: Identity ... labelling people and places

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Figure 4.1: Women and men and the sexing of places in Britain
Figure 4.2: Age and the ageing of place in Britain
Figure 4.3: Ethnicity and the colour of place in Britain 2001
Figure 4.4: Religion and the spirituality of place in Britain
Figure 4.5: Single, married, divorced, remarried and widowed in Britain
Figure 4.6: Through the keyhole: household composition in Britain
Figure 4.7: Migration in England and Wales 2000 to 2001
Figure 4.8: Lifetime and annual immigration to Britain by 2001
Figure 4.9: Highest level of qualification gained by people in Britain 2001
Figure 4.10: Social class as defined largely by occupation in 2001
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