Audio & Video

Sally Tomlinson speaking with Adam Boulton on Sky News about the ideas in the book "Rule Britannia: Brexit and the end of empire". January 18th 2019.

Danny Dorling appearing on Going Underground, on January 14th, being interviewed by Afshin Rattansi as parliament prepared for the first ‘meaningful’ vote it would have on Brexit on January 15th 2019.

Renegade Inc's host, Ross Ashcroft, is joined by Professor Danny Dorling to discuss if an imperial mindset is preventing us from becoming a progressive social democracy in a rapidly evolving, multipolar world. 28th January 2019.

Danny Dorling speaking on BBC Radio 4’s The World At One, 25th September 2018.

Sally Tomlinson appearing on Doubling Down on October 15th 2018. The weekly debate show on Press TV International. Chaired by presenter Henry Bonsu and based in London. Sally is the first of a series of panelist invited that day to discuss hot global talking points as social and political events unfold - in this case Brexit and Empire.

“What Brexit tells us about the British”, Professor Danny Dorling giving a talk to the Geography Society of the University of Oxford, October 19th 2018.

What Brexit Tells Us About The British (external link, opens in new window): Interactive Slideshow from a talk held at the University of Hull, 29th Octover 2018.

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