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“There’s no reason to be pessimistic about the future. The UK and the USA are probably at a peak of economic inequality right now. It will almost certainly come down in the years and decades to come; decade after decade after decade. And we will slowly learn what most other people in the rich world know, that having more and more money doesn’t make you happier; it doesn’t make your country more sustainable; and it doesn’t solve the problems of the planet.”

Inequality is the key political issue of our time. Danny Dorling wrote his seminal work Injustice: Why social inequality persists in 2010, and as an early proponent of rapidly reducing economic inequalities, he is now much sought-after as one of the foremost contributors to the debates surrounding it.

Here Dorling brings together brand new material alongside a carefully curated selection of his most recent writing on inequality from publications as wide ranging as the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian, New Statesman, Financial Times and the China People’s Daily.

Covering key inequality issues including politics, housing, education and health, he explores whether we have now reached ‘peak inequality’. He concludes, crucially, by predicting what the future holds for Britain, as attempts are made to defuse the ticking time bomb while we simultaneously try to negotiate Brexit and react to the wider international situation of a world of people demanding to become more equal.

'This is the essential book about a great affliction of our times. It will become the touchstone in this debate.' - George Montbiot


'If you have an ounce of compassion -- or self-interest -- in your heart, Peak Inequality is a must-read wake-up call.' - Val McDermid, Author


'Danny Dorling’s vital new book has an optimistic title. It depends on increasing resistance to our unequal world, which his arguments can help build. Hopefully they will be widely and effectively used, and contribute to realising the promise of the title.' - George Davey Smith, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, University of Bristol


'Graphically illuminates why & how place grounds social polarization in politics, housing, education, health, and social welfare - and offers steps towards a fairer world.' - Nancy Krieger, Professor of Social Epidemiology, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Harvard


'An all you need to know guide to inequality in the UK today.' --Faiza Shaheen, Director of CLASS

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