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Greater economic equality is beneficial to all people in all societies, both for the rich and the poor - and the rest

The Equality Effect is almost magical. In more equal countries, human beings are generally happier and healthier, there is less crime, more creativity and higher educational attainment. Danny Dorling delivers all evidence that is now so overwhelming that it should be changing politics and society all over the world.

For the past four decades, many countries, including the US and the UK, have chosen the path to greater inequality on the assumption that there is no alternative. Yet even under globalisation, other nations continue to take a different road. The time will come when The Equality Effect will be as readily accepted as women voting or former colonies gaining independence - and it will come very soon.

From one of the world's top social scientists comes a compelling argument for public policy to prioritise equality, fully-evidenced with statistics and sprinkled with black and white illustrations. Most importantly, he demonstrates where greater equality is currently to be found, and how we can set The Equality Effect in motion everywhere.

This websites provides you with material from the book, including a sample chapter, data tables and figures, illustrations by Ella Furness, and reviews of the book. In Further Readings you find introduction to the book and selected short reads about (In)Equality. The talks section features an audio and video recording from the official launch event at LSE.

"Here is a book which details - with irrefutable evidence - both the damage caused by inequality, and the benefits we all derive from living in more equal societies.We should all learn from it - and, above all else, act on it.”
Owen Jones

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