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“Intelligent and astute, this well-woven book – reissued this year in a fully revised edition – offers a powerful critique of the ideologies of greed that stitch up society. Without a hint of surrender to the status quo, Dorling radiates humanity, passion and concern across every page. His words are weapons, inspiring me to take action and reminding us of the power of the collective to defeat inequality and exploitation.”

Vicky Duckworth, senior lecturer in educational research, Edge Hill University,

“In this impassioned, empirical, and hopeful second edition, powerfully updated with new data, Dorling skewers the ideologies that justify injustice. He reminds us that to create a better world we have to collectively imagine it is possible.”

Nancy Krieger, Harvard University,

“Rich insights into how prejudice, presumption, and a paucity of regard for our fellow human beings reinforce poverty as well as privilege.”

David Cay Johnston, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author,

“Powerful sentences and carefully-curated evidence frame critically-important thoughts on how we got here and how things could be different.”

Jamie Goodwin-White, University of California, Los Angeles,

“The original edition of Injustice stands out as a masterpiece, not only in the production of razor-sharp arguments, but also in its collation of extensive supporting evidence. This updated edition is perhaps even more important today.”

Henry Parkyn-Smith, Counterfire,

“Dorling’s unsettling account makes it clear that inequity and inequality are less about ‘ideology’ and more about the self-serving interests of the powerful. His book is a passionate call for change.”

Aniko Horvath, King’s College London,

“In this new edition of his seminal Injustice, Dorling’s unique combination of moral passion and analytical rigor made my heart sing.”

David Marquand, former principal of Mansfield College, University of Oxford,

“This invaluable book is more than an essential resource in the defense of our ebbing welfare state. It is a thoughtful and carefully argued source of stimulation towards its reinvention.”

Paul Gilroy, King's College London,

“An eloquent indictment of the status quo, but so much more. By systematically dismantling the ideological props of the current economic and social order, Dorling forces us to think how things could be done differently.”

Feyzi Ismail SOAS, University of London,

“For decades researchers have shown the damage inequality does to all society and Dorling’s wonderful book extends this. With brilliance and passion Dorling analyzes the mindset of entitlement among those who hold ever tighter to money, power, and life’s best rewards, generation to generation.”

Polly Toynbee, Guardian (UK) columnist,

“Superb and invaluable ammunition in the fight against inequality and injustice.”

Owen Jones, author and Guardian (UK) columnist,

“Dorling has given us a guide through the dark, twisted, and changing forest of injustice. A must-read for anyone fighting for justice.”

Faiza Shaheen, head of Inequality, Save the Children

“Dorling’s analysis is quietly, devastatingly persuasive. Once you’ve read him you have to reassess how you live. That’s an amazing gift.”

Peter Florence, director of the Hay Festival,

“Think twice before reading this book—you may well become an activist against social injustice, inequality, and the exploitation of labour. Dorling gives us words that are weapons.”

Ken Loach, film and television director,

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