See and hear Danny Dorling talk about his work         

YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS | 14 April 2020 | Pre-order:

  • 5 April—3.15pm talk at Blackwell’s Oxford
  • 16 April—7pm LRB Bookshop London with Zoe Williams
  • 1 May—Guernsey Book Festival
  • 2 May—Lowestoft book festival
  • 5 May—Wimbledon Geographical Association, London 
  • 14 May—University College Dublin public lecture 
  • 4 June—British Library event with Roman Krznaric
  • 4 July—Also Festival, near Lemington
  • 9 July—The British Academy public lecture, London
  • 18th July—Buxton International Festival
  • 21-27 August (date tbc)—Edinburgh Book Festival
  • August (date tbc)—Greenbelt Festival
  • 8 October—Newcastle University public lecture
  • 15 October—Keele University public lecture 
  • "The Scales of Narrative" 
    Rhodes House, Oxford, 30 November 2019.
    The first form of duplication was storytelling. No one can know how long it took, after language developed, before the tradition began, but it is through the telling of stories that we still mostly learn and pass on information. You are reading a story now; one I have constructed only from hearing, seeing and reading other stories. The ‘Slowdown’ book my talk at the forum is based on is a small attempt to refashion one particular and in many ways rather familiar tale, namely the account of how fast the human world is changing. The story was the first form of data, transmitted inefficiently, always evolving, and spreading – duplicating and growing – when many people heard it being told and a few embellished it. Back then, and in many places until very recently, a story was lost unless at least one of those who heard it both remembered it and passed it on.

    "Whose Freedom?"
    Vienna Secession, 30 September 2019.
    A public lecture in the series 'Wessen Freiheit' (Whose freedom). A short talk by Danny Dorling on Slowdown and what the future may bring given the spatial dimension of the distribution of property and resources, followed by a debate with Gabu Heindl (the Vienna-based architect and planner) and with the audience. Curated by the Association of Visual Artists at Vienna Secession, Friedrichstraße 12, A-1010 Wien, Austria, 30th September 2019. [they were talking about the future just as world population rose form 7.6 to 7.7 billion].