The Population of the UK

Second edition                             by Danny Dorling, cartography by Benjamin Hennig


Further Resources

Published by Sage


If you are looking for updated or any other official statistics and other data from the UK, you should start with these online resources:

ONS (Office for National Statistics) (open data portal of the government)

OpenBoundaries (geospatial data from EDINA)

Geospatial Services at EDINA (overview of further geoweb resources)


You don’t have to own expensive software to work with the original data that we used for this book (available for download in the Data Section). All data analysis and cartographic works displayed in the book can be achieved with the following tools. These are some great free software alternatives to similar commercial applications that allow you to look at, analyse and visualise the statistics and spatial information:

OpenOffice (including Calc for statistics and Impress for presentations)

R (advanced statistics software)

QuantumGIS (Geographic Information System for spatial data and maps)

ScapeToad (cartogram generator)

Gimp (image editing tool)

Inkscape (vector graphics editor)

Please note that while we find these tools very useful and work with some of them ourselves, we can not provide any technical assistance for them!


More of Danny’s work can be found on his website More from Ben is on his website