QR funding: 10 campuses in the south to get more than £2K per student

Ten research-intensive universities in the South of England will get more than £2,000 each year in quality-related research funding for every student at the institution

Housing and the Greens in Oxford

Jenny Jones and Danny Dorling discussing

Premature deaths of black Americans alter politics

Premature deaths of black Americans alter politics, shows study

Not perfect, but not bad

What Labour’s plans would mean for higher education

Only one lucky generation ever struck housing gold

The young and the old know all about renting – it’s those born in the Fifties who managed to cash in

Housing and people with learning difficulties

Danny speaking at the PPE course of My Life My Choice

The Geography of Elections, Inequality and Migration: 40 years of polarization

Danny speaking at the SOAS Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies

In conversation with David Runciman

Danny in conversation with David Runciman discussing Inequality and the 1%

The Tories will reduce UK public spending to Estonian levels

IMF forecasts show that Britain could join a tiny group of European countries that have shrunk the size of their states dramatically

Alternatives to Austerity

Panel discussion at the Festival of Debate

The geography of elections: will the 40 years of voting polarisation continue in 2015?

Keynote Address at the Annual Geographical Association Lecture

Growing gap between middle-income earners and top 1%

They might think they are comfortably well-off. But middle-income Britons are poorer relative to the super-wealthy than their counterparts anywhere else in Europe

The Extreme Centre

Tariq Ali in conversation with Danny Dorling

Inequality and Higher Education

Danny speaking at the Free University of London, LSE Occupied