The geography of elections: will the 40 years of voting polarisation continue in 2015?

Keynote Address at the Annual Geographical Association Lecture

Growing gap between middle-income earners and top 1%

They might think they are comfortably well-off. But middle-income Britons are poorer relative to the super-wealthy than their counterparts anywhere else in Europe

The Extreme Centre

Tariq Ali in conversation with Danny Dorling

Inequality and Higher Education

Danny speaking at the Free University of London, LSE Occupied

Child poverty in Britain

Using newly available data from the Department for Work and Pensions, Danny Dorling, professor of Geography at the University of Oxford and Simon Szreter, professor of History and Public Policy at the University of Cambridge, have mapped child poverty by constituency across the UK.

Social inequality, the 1%, and why your rent is so high

Video recording of a talk given at the networking event on the eve of the ESRC First Year Student Conference

The distribution of wealth: How the system makes us poor and them rich

Audio recording of The People’s Parliament, House of Commons, London

Housing and Inequality in Oxfordshire

Danny speaking at a Green Party event

London splits in poor and superrich

Hele Skjervold, Afternposten’s London correspondent, explains inequalities in London to her Norwegian readers.

Renting your way to poverty: welcome to the future of housing

The housing crisis is already out of control, and no one in politics wants to help

Delivering the real Housing for real people

Talk at Innovations in policy, design, funding and delivery, Affordable Housing Conference

More homes in the UK

Several thousand people are expected to gather in London for a rally calling for more homes in the UK.

The hollowing out of London: how poverty patterns are changing

The largest falls in the proportions of households that are neither wealthy or poor has been in outer boroughs of London.

Should parliament move out of London?

Faced with a £3bn repair bill, is the Palace of Westminster still the best place for MPs to meet?

All that is solid

Paperback launch event at City Hall London