Danny speaking on Russia Today: Journalist Afshin Rattans goes underground with Danny Dorling. David Cameron says inequality is declining, but then why are disadvantaged children facing prejudice due to elitism from a very young age? Afshin and Danny Discuss the 2015 edition of ‘Injustice’ and current events.
‘Injustice’ makes the claim that a small group of people believe great inequality is inevitable and even in some sense desirable. They often do not flout their beliefs publicly but they do make up a disproportionate share of those in power, especially where levels of economic inequalities are high and rising, as in the UK today. These historic highs in income and wealth inequalities in the UK coincide with unprecedented inequalities in how people vote according to where they live.

The book describes how there has been a devastating increase in poverty, hunger and destitution in the UK. As a result food banks have become vital and the housing crisis has deepened. As the newly elected UK Conservative government continues to pursue an agenda of austerity for the poor, it is inevitable that the vulnerable will suffer and Britain will see inequality and the injustices that follow continue to rise.

The book claims that the richest 1% of people in the world will, within a few months, own more than the other 99% put together. In the world’s richest countries, social inequality is not caused by having too few resources for everyone, instead it is driven by beliefs that perpetuate the inequality. The evidence shows that these beliefs are unfounded but they provide (false) justification for those who benefit most from inequality.