Using newly available data from the Department for Work and Pensions, Danny Dorling, professor of Geography at the University of Oxford and Simon Szreter, professor of History and Public Policy at the University of Cambridge, have mapped child poverty by constituency across the UK.
They wanted to highlight the huge variation across the country – and to demonstrate to MPs that their own constituency cannot be entirely representative.
Prof Simon Szreter, University of Cambridge said we are very impressed in Britain with concrete real-life examples but we rarely think critically about how representative our slice of experience really is.
Prof Dorling said rich and poor are increasingly living separately in the UK, and that it’s becoming less common to find mixed areas in the UK.
He said: “There are only a few very split constituencies with many rich and poor side by side any more.
“That used to be true of central London – no longer.”
It is another reason why the two professors are pursuing this project – they hope to invite MPs to swap after the election.

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